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Fees, Rates - Parul Sen

Parul Sen, the independent Ahmedabad escort offers maximum adult pleasure at the minimum fees. You can opt for your package as per your requirement. The package price depends upon availability of escorts and time duration you spent with them.

Enjoy Long-lasting companionship at competitive rates

INR 10,000

Enjoy for 2 hour in INR 10,000.

INR 15,000

Have the pleasure for 4 hours in INR 15,000.

INR 20,000

Enjoy unlimited full of adventure on bed the whole night in INR 20,000 only.

Mode of Payment

I accept payment in cash only. You will be required to bear the expenses of lodging, food, and transportation if you plan any pleasure trip with me. I being a glamorous Ahmedabad escort live a higher standard of life. You can also avail customized services by having a prior discussion about the essential requirements. I assure you of a memorable traveling mate.